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Video "Resistant house / safe people / community development"


Film produced by TRT Hue about Safe housing - Programme of DWF and Programme 48 of Ministry of construction (in Vietnamese).

Atlas Programme 48 - Ministry of Construction


This Atlas present the models of safe house designed and built in 13 provinces of central Vietnam by the Ministry of Construction (Programme 48 / Support to 25 000 families). DWF provides technical support trough the Dipecho Project (Safer built environment integration in disaster risk reduction in Vietnam / 2014-2015). Download the Atlas :

Booklet on safe roof

23 October 2014

As a result of the ECHO funded project "Rebuilding typhoons Wutip & Nari affected communities in central Vietnam" DWF has published a booklet on Safe roof (Damage by storms and technical solutions).

DW 25 years in Vietnam !

21 july 2014

In 1989, DWF (with GRET) implemented the “Storm resistant building techniques” component of the first international DRR project in Vietnam, in Binh Tri Thien Province (a UNDP/UNCHS project following the devastating typhoon Cecil of 1985).

Since 2000, DWF has had an established office in Hue, and has carried out many projects (funded by Canada, European Union, France, IFRC…) to demonstrate, train, disseminate and advocate for the need and possibility to protect the built environment facing the increasing impact of natural disasters: promoting practices to achieve safe housing policy and

Rebuilding typhoons Wutip & Nari affected communities in Central Vietnam

1 April 2014

The ECHO funded project (300 000 €) has been approved, and will start for implementation from April to September 2014 in 3 Provinces (15 Communes in Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue). Project will support 800 families to rebuild/strengthen/reinforce their house damaged last year to become resilient to natural disasters. Project will also develop a safe construction information campaign in the target areas.

Massive participation of women potters in the DW Burkina Programme

12 June 2012

As the 2012 dry season ends in Burkina Faso, the enthusiasm of women potters for the DWF action to provide them with fuel efficient kilns and training in better production methods has spiralled.

5 500 women in three main programmes operated by DW in the centre and north of Burkina Faso are enrolled and progressively get access to training and kilns, although DW needs more suport to build additional kilns.  

As well as major European Union support, the Raja Foundation in France supports this programme.

The Views from the Frontline Journey - GNDR

15 January 2012

A number of Global Network for Disaster Reduction members have got together on Skype to create a new video - 'The Views from the Frontline Journey' - which reviews what we have achieved over the last five years and asks where we are going next. It's an exciting story of a great achievement, including contributions from members in Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, South and South East Asia and the Pacific Islands.


Innovation • Sustainability • Transfer / 25 years of the World Habitat Awards

3 October 2011

Showcasing innovative and sustainable housing solutions from around the world as BSHF celebrates the 25th anniversary of the World Habitat Awards.


Remarkable economic, social, political and climatic changes have taken place in the twenty-five years since the World Habitat Awards were established. Rapid urbanisation, an increasing and ageing population, climate change and globalisation have emerged as major forces affecting how and where people live.

Many of the innovations identified through the Awards over the last quarter century are a response to these challenges, which have been faced

Atlas of housing vulnerability and measures for safe housing in Viet Nam

23 July 2011 - 13 August 2011

The publication of the “Atlas of housing vulnerability & measures for safe housing in Vietnam” comes at a time when the National Strategy for natural disaster prevention, response and mitigation has called for the review and complement of building codes and construction plans in line with natural disaster characteristics in each region of Vietnam. The Atlas contributes to this national objective.


The Atlas goes further in its objectives, linking:

  • the regional natural disaster characteristics


  • thecharacteristics of local common contemporary housing in each region.


The contents


  • Part 1 of

Can Tho perceptions of flood risk survey, Vietnam

22 July 2011

As part of the World Bank - Building Urban Resilience project in East Asia, DW will be carrying out a surevy of flood risk perceptions in Can Tho City, southern Vietnam. 

Can Tho City is the economic capital of the Mekong Delta and the 5th city in Viet Nam, located on the one of the main branches of the Mekong River. It is subject to frequent flooding. The city is located at the confluence of the tidal part of the river and the down-river flow (Total area 1 400 km²).

With around 1 200 000 inhabitants, and a rapid urbanisation, the common perception of hazards is one of an increasing