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How you can help change people’s lives

Local builders being trained in Burkina Faso contribute the cost of building their own woodless construction houses during their training; in Vietnam, partner families pay to strengthen their own homes against typhoons.

In Burkina Faso, DW has a long waiting list of groups of women asking for kilns and the equipment they need for making tiles, turned pots and othre new products that helps them generate an income. We simply do not have the resources to provide for all of these. We need your help so we can help 40 more women’s groups.

To provide a group of ten women with a kiln, several potter’s wheels, two terracotta tile making kits and gutter moulds, and to ensure they are properly trained in how to use them most efficiently costs €2,000 – or just €200 per woman.

Even small donations help equipe men and women with tools or contribute to getting a donkey cart to help transport their product and tools

Your gift would help this process.

What to do:

Send a cheque made out to Development Workshop


The Treasurer


BP 13

82110 Lauzerte



Development Workshop is a registered French charity and your gift is eligible for a tax rebate in France at current applicable rates (25%).

DW will shortly be a UK registered charity and will able be able to provide similar tax advantages.