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Reconstruction Programme in Mekong Delta, after 2011 flooding

7 Septemeber 2012

DWF, as technical partner, and based on the lessons of earlier DWF/RC collaboration, has just completed a reconstruction programme, funded by IFRC and implemented by the Vietnamese Red Cross, in 3 Provinces of Mekong Delta, with support to 189 families to rebuild their house. Cash grants from 35 to 45 Millions VN Dongs (1 650 to 2 250 US$) - technical design and standards for safe housing by DWF. In this first phase the construction of each house, by families and their own hired builders, has been completed in September. The IFRC and the VRC have now added an additional 30 houses in two of the provinces to be overssen by DWF. Despite being based on a choice of basic designs provied by DWF, some houses on stilts, others on raised platforms above the flood level, the houses are remarkable for their great diversity in size, detailing and decoration and in their ingenious adpatations that make each home inidvidual and adapted to the family needs and context.