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Impact study on developing local capacity to reduce vulnerability and poverty in Central Viet Nam

23 June 2011

This report presents findings of a study commissioned in 2010 by Development Workshop France (DWF) with support from the Building and Social Housing Foundation (UK) to assess the impact of the DWF project in Vietnam to promote the prevention of typhoon1 damage to housing and public building since 2000.

The study shows that this effort has to a very great extent been a success, but that more needs to be done. In locations where the project has been present for a long time, there is a greater impact, and this suggests the need for continued promotion of safer construction in communes that only joined the project more recently. The Provincial Government of Thua Thien Hue province has done much in the past four years to support this process, through the formal recommendation that authorities and inhabitants should adopt the ten key principles of safe construction promoted by DWF.