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Vietnam dams reviled over high death toll

25 November 2013

Disgruntlement and anger over rampant construction of hydroelectric dams, simmering for many years now, has risen to a crescendo in Vietnam following the death of 41 people in the central and Central Highlands regions last weekend. While authorities have continued to blame heavy rains triggered by a tropical depression for flooding that caused the deaths and left 74 other people injured, many media reports have said that the flooding was compounded by the discharge of water from 15 dams in the two regions.

According to the Central and Central Highlands Center for Flood and Storm Prevention

Finding the urban crisis tipping point

21 November 2013

DAKAR, 21 November 2013 (IRIN) - By 2015, three billion people will be living in urban slums according to UN Habitat. As the number of vulnerable people living in urban slums rises, aid agencies are struggling to identify the tipping point at which chronic urban vulnerability turns into a humanitarian crisis. IRIN spoke to aid staff to find out what they are doing about it.

Accurately tracking vulnerability is more complex in densely populated towns and cities, particularly in informal neighbourhoods such as slums, than it is in rural areas.

Opening ceremony Public building in Son Tinh Commune (Ha Tinh Province)

16 November 2013

This village meeting hall, part of DWF Dipecho project, is also an evacuation centre for families and animals in case of high flood.